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At Alnäs you have the opportunity to rent canoes and rowing boats. You may also rent a trailer and take the canoes to whatever place you want.

We have three rowing boats and 15 canoes, all made of impact-resistant and lightweight aluminum.

Hours - Between 17/6 - 16/8

Weekdays 8 am - 8 pm
Weekends 10 am - 8 pm

For bookings and rentals other days and times we are open by arrangement. Call 018-32 40 15 or email us at


175 sek

175 sek


850 sek

850 sek

24 h

350 sek

350 sek

1000 sek

4 h

275 sek

275 sek

450 sek

2 h

175 sek

175 sek


Rowing boat

Rowing boat with 4 hp


Prices include life jackets. You can pay with cash or with Swish.


Trailers - with a stand for up to ten canoes: SEK 650 / day


Rowing boat with 4 hp engine
Half-day: SEK 450
Full day: SEK 650
24 h: SEK 1,000

For full or half-day rentals, the price includes 5 liters of gasoline. 10 l of gasoline is included in daily rent.

Full- and half-day rentals take place during Alnäs opening hours. In the case of 24-hour rental, the lessor is responsible for the boat until it is returned. 24 hours are calculated from the time the boat is rented and 24 hours ahead within the framework of Alnäs opening hours.


Non-returned material
For non-returned material, you will be charged SEK 300 for each started hour from the return time.

Rescue boat
If a rescue boat has to be sent out to rescue / push back the lessor, a starting fee of SEK 500 and SEK 300 per work hour started will be charged.