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Alnäs offers conference rooms for larger and smaller groups. Wireless internet in the Alnäshuset.


If you want to be closer to nature, we have a giant hut with space for up to 30 sitting people with a fireplace in the middle. Many people choose to combine the conference with some activity, e.g. teambuilding, canoeing, pentathlon or adventure track for the daredevil.

Of course, we can offer food in connection with your activity, a coffee with homemade bread, a good lunch or a dinner buffet. Since we are a YMCA organization, there are restrictions on alcohol.

The proximity to Uppsala with good communications makes the day effective and you can spend precious time on the important - your meeting. Contact us and we can tailor your experience!


To make a booking request or other information, write to

Conference Room

The rooms and the large hut can be booked separately or in conjunction with other outdoor activities. The price in brackets applies to booked activity.


Accommodates 19 people and a fully equipped kitchen.
Daily rent: SEK 6 000

Large hut

Conference room with wilderness feeling, campfire and opportunity to stay overnight. Accommodates up to 30 people.
Half-day (4 hours): SEK 1 800 (1 000)
Full day: SEK 3 000 (1 500)


Overnight stay:

Contact KFUM Uppsala for price suggestions

The area

Rent of football field, basketball court, beach volleyball court and access to toilets.
Full day: SEK 1 800
Incl. dressing room and sauna: SEK 2 400

Maid service can be booked and charged as follows:
Sandnäs: SEK 2 500
Dressing room and sauna: SEK 1 000