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In order for your children to have the best possible week with us, it is important that you think about sending the following things every day:

  • Swimwear

  • Cap or sun hat and sunscreen

  • Rain Wear

  • Warm clothes for cold days

  • Change of clothes and shoes

  • Water bottle

  • Possibly money for ice cream purchases; in a wallet or small labeled plastic bag

We count the age of your child accordingly: if the child is 6 years old but turns 7 during the fall, it is counted as 7.

Midsummer Eve
The camp runs regularly until 14.00. Then the midsummer celebration starts. The bus goes home at 3.30. It is very important that you notify the relevant leaders if you pick up your child during the day. Children and families are welcome to join the celebration.

Kids get cooked lunch every day. Pork is not served. However, we recommend that you send with some fruit or a sandwich for the afternoon.

Mobile phones etc.
If the children have a mobile phone with them, it will be locked in during the day. A phone is available to borrow at the reception free of charge. Other electronics and valuables will also be locked in during the day and we prefer them to be left at home during the week.

Alnäs kiosk only sells ice cream. The children have the opportunity to shop after lunch and after the end of the day. Don't send the kids more money than necessary. We also do not want the children to bring sweets, chips or similar.



Lost things
Clothes and other things that were forgotten during the week are collected in a container inside of the sports cabin (the house with the changing rooms). Feel free to label children's clothing by name. Things are saved for two weeks after which they are donated.


Free Camps
With the help of benevolent grants from foundations, KFUM Uppsala can offer free camps for children aged 7-15. The number of spots is limited. The application is made in writing to KFUM Uppsala's office, Svartbäcksgatan 28, 753 32 Uppsala.

Other questions
ometimes papers write about the Alnäs and children may be photographed. If you do not allow this, we want you to contact the camp manager. For more information or questions of all kinds, you are welcome to contact us on telephone number 018-32 40 06 or email