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Teambuilding is the process that makes a team out of individuals and that makes everyone strive for the same goal. Problem-solving for the team, accompanied by happy laughter, is an experience that you carry with you for a long time. The tasks are both intellectually and physically challenging, but at a reasonable level adapted to the group.

Each team member will contribute their unique skills. The goal is for each participant to have gained stronger confidence in themselves and the group's ability to grow.


The exercises are aimed at all types of groups, both within the business community and for sports teams. Along with instruction, the group faces a number of challenges, all with the same solution that there is only one way to solve the problem - to collaborate.

Teambuilding can add new energy to a group that has been working together for many years or as an ice-breaker for a newly started group.

Price per person (recommended time: about 3 hours with a break). At least 6 people.

Company, municipality, county council: 155 SEK/person and hour (465 SEK per person for 3 hours)
Individuals: 135 SEK/person and hour (405 SEK per person for 3 hours)
School classes: 5000 SEK/class (2-3 hours)
Smaller student group up to 15 persons: 3000 SEK/group (2-3 hours)


Individual solutions
Our instructors can combine exercises with different levels of difficulty and fear factor. This means that the possibilities are endless. Contact us and we will provide suggestions and price on a special package based on your wishes.